Dear interested future team member,

thank you very much for clicking on this message.
We both are in luck since you have an awesome skill
that you can use to extend a great game that everybody
can play for free.

But first take a look at the game lgdb(dot)org/game/glportal
make sure to also visit and register with the official website
social(dot)w3-net(dot)de . Introduce you through the introduction
group of the official website or just send me a message.

- C++ Developer
- Map designer (text format)
- Graphic artists
- Writer
- Voice artist
- Community manager
- Web-Developer
- Web-Designer
- Animator
- Expert in Parser Building

If you are nothing of the above but you are good at something or you are learning something useful, just contact me, too. Ambition is nearly as useful as skill.

Thank you for reading.