Hello everyone!

"Before reading this topic is not for freelancers, if you are DON'T read, we are looking for someone to join our start up project"

A Huge Social network first of its kinda in Egyptian market.

Our team is consist of the following (illustrator - Web designer - Sales and marketing manger - 3 Community managers) and as you can see what is left is the web developer. Our network consist of several projects, Three of them are confirmed and finished researching the market in Egypt and taking notes and also making plans and follow up plans.

The First one is the first online radio in Egypt that allows users to host their own shows and also the first radio that pays the shows owners money for each x000 K views they get, there is also other unique features which can be discussed later with you if you are interested.

The second one is the first gaming social site in Egypt, It is something like Raptr or gamefire but it is the first of it is kind in Egypt and also it will be the first gaming site in Egypt to pay the users money when winning the tournaments that we will be hosting weekly because the gaming community in Egypt is so active just like Asia.

The Third project is something kinda like ask but it only work via Video and audio feed. Lets say i want to tell someone something but i am just afraid to do it like asking someone out or so, all i have to do is record audio or video or of course both and send it to that user directly and there is a complete privacy environment so only the two people ( Sender and receiver ) will be able to see that. That idea gives the people the chance to say whatever they want to people they can't talk to but still matters so much to them.

We are planning on more projects in the future but at the moment those are only priority atm. The estimate monthly income we can make in the first few months is around 15,000$ which makes your share 15,000/7= 2142$. We studied the market for 6 months and studied the projects as well and our amazing marketing manager has quite alot of success in that market. Also the estimate MAU per month can exceed 500,000 user in the first few months.

Skills required:

- Understandable English
- Strong knowledge of PHP
- Strong knowledge of Security
- Java/Jquery or MVC are important.
- Understand the value of time

We handle all the financial needs, you willn't pay anything.
Please if you are interesting leave a msg here with your contact info AND add me in skype: orientcompany. Please only if you are interested.