I would like to offer my services as composer. While music is my vocation and how I support my family, composing for games and apps is a new venue for me. All that to say, I'd love to work for cheap or maybe free, depending on the game. I would also appreciate any feedback or critique of the reels I'm posting.

Here is a diverse sample of my composing.

This is all stuff I wrote after watching Twin Peaks. Its all in the previous reel but shows more how I can make material that could all be used in the same game. If anyone out there is planning on doing a Telltale style continuation of Twin Peaks, I'm definitely your man!


Here is some weird elecro-jazz I make in the off chance your game fits this bizarre niche.

Once again, critique is also very welcome. Thanks for any time you may invest in considering hiring me to make some music for your project!