Dear DevShed Forums Members,

I am building a Web Startup.

So to develop several commercially viable web projects together as Partners / Co-founders of a legally incorporated web corporation and to share in the equity and profits, I'm looking for

2 Programmers,
1 App Developer,
1 Web Designer,
1 SEO / Marketing expert


Partner / Co-founder (Equity, ownership of company & Profit Sharing)


To crack the untapped market worth Billions of Dollars.


Strong coding experience in PHP, MySQL and knowledge of HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3 and JavaScript, JQuery etc.
Strong experience in Android & iOS App Development
Strong experience in Creative Web Designing
Highly innovative SEO and Internet Marketing expertise

Added knowledge of Cloud computing and experience with AWS or Google Cloud, Knowledge of Apache, Nginx servers etc. is preferable.

I've an initial budget of around 5 figures USD to invest in domains, hosting, marketing etc. After we go past the development phrase, I could surely bring hefty corporate funding to fuel the growth to our projects.

Everything else Is pretty much ready, I am just looking for a few ambitious talented partners to co-develop the next big thing together, to take care of the site management, marketing, support etc. One-person canít do all the job.

So If you are someone to believe and see the same vision I see, if you have the mind set of building a great partnership and ambitions to go all the way to create greater success stories, than one thing I can promise you that if you join me on this creative and rewarding quest, you will be taken as a co-founder of the company and treated as an equal at all times. I'm always open to new suggestions. If you can bring new creative ideas to the table, that would be great. I intend on building the company around the six of us and we can work together to build something that will change lives, not just ours but millions of others too. We're going to go all the way to take the internet by storm with some original and awe-inspiring websites and apps.

I'm from India, so if you're from India too that would be great. But more than that, I'm looking for the right people, so If you think that you share the same passion as me, give me a shout no matter if you are from different country or different continent. In fact, another thing I must mention here, you must be willing to leave your country at some point, because after we finish our development and secure the corporate funding, we plan to move our base to San Francisco, USA. Yes, that's another ambitious target set for this startup.

For further discussion, you can Chat, Call or Send Email to me,
if you are really interested, CONTACT ME NOW!


Phone: +91 89007 66669


Contact me only if you believe this could be a great life changing opportunity for us to be partners, to work together to achieve greater success.


I am NOT looking to hire web development firms OR freelance programmers! I am not looking for any kind of strategic partnership, intermediary or salesperson. No offence to them but what I want to achieve here couldn't be done by hiring web development firm or freelancer, whose only interest is finishing your project as soon possible to get paid and moving on to other projects!

Kind Regards!