Hello dear

I was just trying to implement some RLE encoding and decoding work in college project.

What I am doing is:

1.0 Reading the content of webpage
2.0 Finding unique keywords
3.0 Making list of unique keywords
4.0 Making binary map of those keyword on the webpage
5.0 Making dictionary. Key of dictionary is unique word and value of the dictionary is binary map of the word on the page. Binary map means that i am searching each unique keyword existence on the page if it matchs then it is 1 else 0, so ia m making list of such 1 and 0 and assigning that list to the each word as value
6.0 Getting result of binary map of words in list and assigning it to dictionary value part

7.0 Now here I want to do RLE decode stuff. I found that rledecode_hqx is for this purpose, but I am not able to understant how to use it.

How to use both decode and encode of RLE?

Any idea ?