I am interested in using Explorer as the means of file navigation in my Python program. In order to do so, however, I need to be able to change the file view mode (i.e. Icons, List, Details, etc.). Also, I need to be able to toggle between showing/hiding the "Folders" tree in the explorer bar.

I open explorer using:
ie = win32.client.Dispatch("InternetExplorer.Application.1")
I have combed over the gen_py file and cannot find any methods or properties that (to my understanding) would allow me accomplish what I'm after. I have not had much experience with Windows COM, so perhaps it is there, but I don't know enough to recognize it.

I have also experimented extensively with the win32com interface and have also come up with nothing. I have searched the MSDN library, but as with the gen_py file, my limited COM vocabulary might be keeping me from recognizing the solution.

Is it even possible to accomplish these things through the COM interface?

If it is possible, would you please point me to the COM method or property to use?