Howdy guys!

So I'm having some trouble integrating into using Ctypes to get access to some windows api shtuff. Specifically, I'm trying to use the functions waveOutSetVolume and waveOutGetVolume. The good news is I figured out (after an embaressing amount of time) how to actually get to access to those methods - via the line foo = ctypes.WinDLL("winmm.dll") and then subsequent calls to foo.waveOutSetVolume and waveOutGetVolume. However - I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to pass in the arguments the function expects, which is a handle to an open waveform-audio output device and a DWORD C++ structure containg the left and right volume levels. Basically what I'm wondering from anyone with experience with this stuff is mainly how do I get access to those values using ctypes. Thanks guys!