using .py as a cgi script, i'm generating a pdf based on some database values.

the script is breaking on one record; I tracked the error down to a database field value:

here's the value as it is in the database : "For a System-wide Online Training Calendar ($2100) with Monthly Maintenance Fee ($150) - as requested by the Seminole County Fire Chiefs, per the Seminole County Training Group for a total of $2,250. <BR>Charges as follows: $2,100, 00100 055019 530520<BR>Charges as follows: $150, 00100 055019 530460<BR><BR>If additional information is required, please contact Bob Beck, Chairman, Seminole County Training Group, Winter Springs Fire Department, 407-327-7562 or Mary Asbury, SCDPS, 407-665-5111"

database code:
db = MSSQL.connect('dns','uid','pwd','database')
c = db.cursor()
# code breaking line
rfpReq = c.fetchone()
again, this is only breaking on one record in the database, and it's the text i listed above that's breaking it.