I had written a simple application in late 2011 using Python and have since misplaced the source. Recently I've been hopeful to add features, or even write a new version using the original as reference. It was packaged into an exe using PyInstaller (1.5.1 to be precise) and I'm wondering if anyone here can help give me instructions on how I might go about extracting a pyc/pyo file from this exe.

The main file I'm searching for was called 'convert.py' before being compiled into the exe.

If I load the exe using the ArchiveViewer included with PyInstaller, I'm able to see a number of files. opening one of these (titled 'outPYZ1.pyz') displays another list including a file named 'convert'. If I then extact this file using the 'x convert' command and open it in notepad I can see various snippets of plaintext strings used in the application. I had been hopeful that this might be the pyc, but when trying to decompile it seems to be invalid.

If anyone could give me tips, or would even be willing to look into the file, it would be appreciated. Thanks!