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    GLEW Side-Project for PyOpenGL (need info)

    first off,
    I know there are 2 projects out there for GLEW for Python

    I'm working on my own project because I can't manage to get neither working.
    - I've followed the directions for glewpy exactly and PyRex returns a compiler error
    (it can't find it's compiler (both the latest and required versions))
    - with PyGLEW, python reports it can't find the module

    both projects are no longer maintained, so I thought I'd work on my own.

    so I'm writing mine in Pure Python, unlike the other modules,
    and am following the structure of the PyOpenGL module as well.

    I'm also calling mine PyGLEW, though I'm adding "By Tcll" as a sub-portion of the name.
    (as to distinguish it from the broken implamentation for PyGPU)
    ^ hopefully I can get PyGPU working with my build as well. >.>

    I have reported the issues to both developers.
    (glewpy was reported nearly a year ago, and so far nothing's been done)
    ^ PyGLEW was recently reported and responded to (nothing will be done)

    planned usage:
    import GLEW #all caps like GL, GLU, and GLUT
    GLEW.glewInit() #very similar implamentation to the PyOpenGL sub-modules
    I must admit though, I don't have much knowledge about GLEW, and the documentation out there is very poor.
    (including the python modules for GLEW)

    I intend to fix that with this module >_>

    I need GLEW for another extremely large project I'm trying to work on.
    but that's made very hard when things are built by monkeys. >_<

    so I've already started work and copied alot of info from the PyOpenGL module,
    only to reimplament the info for GLEW...

    what is the "plugins" module in PyOpenGL??
    is that for the OpenGL extentions??
    (can I just fully delete the interface, or would it have some use in my PyGLEW??)

    another idea for my module is I'm building it to be available as a stress free implamentation to PyOpenGL.
    (place in .../OpenGL/raw/ and create the .../OpenGL/GLEW/ modules (importing from the raw implamentation))

    any help or GLEW info is much appreciated
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    ... oh...
    now that I've gotten a chance to browse the forums a bit and read the rules and such, I see this forum wasn't exactly the right place to post this...

    I was originally led here from the PyOpenGL Devel Mailing-list.
    so naturally I thought this forum was related to them...

    I didn't want to ask this on the mailing-list though as that's typically for larger issues that directly relate to PyOpenGL...

    may I ask if anyone knows of a more-suitable reference as to where I could post my Q?? :/


    I'll leave this post up for any GLEW references people might have.

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