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    Help Needed CLASSES and FUNCTIONS!!!

    I have a small problem I think the following code explains what I am trying to do:
    class TEST:
    def __init__ (self):
    print "INSTANCE"
    def A (self):
    self.a = 'AZ'
    def B (self):
    print self.a

    if __name__ == '__main__':

    test = TEST()
    I am trying to get the value of self.a in def B() though it is being declared in def A(). Currently it doesn't work and gets an error:
    AttributeError: Azeem instance has no attribute 'a'

    Now is there a way to get the value of self.a in def B() without declaring self.a in __init__() i.e. any way to get to that value using any class reference or anything.

    What I want to do is that create multiple lists at runtime in different methods. I am not sure ahead how many lists I need to create as it all depends on the data in the input-file. I have different methods that populate the relevant lists. That's a small picture of the code I am working. Any help is appreciated.
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    This could work for ya
    class TEST:
        def __init__  ( self ):
            print "INSTANCE"
            self.A ( " " )
        def A ( self, var ):
            self.var    = 'AZ'
        def B ( self ):
            print self.var
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        test = TEST ( )
        test.B ( )
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