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    Question HELP! Problem with dictionary!

    I have the following code:
    self.weaponbase = {'1':'2000', '2':'8000', '3':'18000', '4':'32000', '5':'50000', '6':'72000', '7':'98000', '8':'128000', '9':'162000', '10':'200000'}
    if self.weaponbonus == 99:
            self.weaponbonus = random.randint(1, 10)
    baseprice = self.weaponbase[self.weaponbonus]
    So if it generates 2, baseprice should equal 8000.
    But, it's not working... Anyone, know whats wrong?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Ok this is obviously part of a class method.. would be nice ff you posted the full class or even the whole method but not very important just a note fore the future.

    As far as I can see 'self.weaponbonus' can never be 99 so the if statment would never be executed.. and therefor the keyname may not match one of the values in your dict.

    I'm assuming you're getting a KeyError when you run this?

    You'd also get a KeyError if you where to use the int returned by randint as keys because the keys in your dict are char's not int's.

    Anyway What is this surposed to do Baltor? Maybe I can help more then..

    Have fun,
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  5. Hello World :)
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    Ok i'm not sure if this is what's surposed to happen but i seem to be working ok, like i said i'm not sure what this script is surposed to do, soooo, i took a guess..

    >>> import random
    >>> d = {'1':'2000', '2':'8000', '3':'18000', '4':'32000', '5':'50000', '6':'72000', '7':'98000', '8':'128000', '9':'162000', '10':'200000'}
    >>> i = d[str(random.randint(1, len(d.keys())))]
    >>> i

    In the example 'i' is being assigned the value or a random key in the 'd' dict.

    This could be better done by using int values for your keys so we don't have to type-cast the values to a string (str()).

    Also the random number is between 1 and the total number of keys in the dict (len(d.keys())) so if shouldn't be possible to get a KeyError if the keys are named correctly..

    Hope this helps
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    A better way to do what netytan did would be to do:
    i = d[random.choice(d.keys())]
    This way you don't care WHAT the keys are (as they don't even have to be the same type).

    Also, if you are just going to use '1', '2', ... as your keys ... just use a list.
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    This is the whole script:
    # DND Magic Weapon Generator
    # By Evan Patterson
    import random
    from Tkinter import *
    class App:
        def __init__(self, master):
            frame = Frame(master)
            self.weaponbonus = random
            # Dictionaries
            self.meleecom = {'dagger':'302', 'greataxe':'320', 'greatsword':'350', 'kama':'302', 'longsword':'315', 'light mace':'305', 'heavy mace':'312', 'nunchacku':'302', 'quarterstaff':'600', 'rapier':'320', 'scimitar':'315', 'shortspear':'302', 'siangham':'303', 'bastard sword':'335', 'short sword':'310', 'dwarven waraxe':'330'} 
            self.ranged = {'throwing axe':'308', 'heavy crossbow':'350', 'light crossbow':'335', 'dart':'300.5', 'javelin':'301', 'shortbow':'330', 'composite shortbow':'375', 'mighty composite shortbow (+1 Str bonus)':'450', 'mighty composite shortbow (+2 Str bonus)':'525', 'sling':'300', 'longbow':'375', 'composite longbow':'400', 'mighty composite lonbow (+1 Str bonus)':'500', 'mighty composite lonbow (+2 Str bonus)':'600', 'mighty composite lonbow (+3 Str bonus)':'700', 'mighty composite lonbow (+4 Str bonus)':'800'}
            self.uncom = {'orc double axe':'660', 'battleaxe':'310', 'spiked chain':'325', 'club':'300', 'puching dagger':'302', 'falchion':'375', 'dire flail':'690', 'heavy flail':'315', 'light flail':'308', 'gauntlet':'302', 'spiked gauntlet':'305', 'glaive':'308', 'greatclub':'305', 'guirsame':'309', 'halberd':'310', 'halfspear':'301', 'gnome hooked hammer':'620', 'light hammer':'301', 'hand axe':'306', 'kukri':'308', 'heavy lance':'310', 'light lance':'306', 'longspear':'305', 'morning star':'308', 'net':'320', 'heavy pick':'308', 'light pick':'304', 'ranseur':'310', 'sap':'301', 'scythe':'318', 'sickle':'306', 'two bladed sword':'700', 'trident':'315', 'dwarven urgrosh':'650', 'warhammer':'312', 'whip':'301'}
            self.weaponbase = {'1':'2000', '2':'8000', '3':'18000', '4':'32000', '5':'50000', '6':'72000', '7':'98000', '8':'128000', '9':'162000', '10':'200000'}
            self.meleespecial = {'Defending':'1', 'Flaming':'1', 'Frost':'1', 'Shock':'1', 'Ghost touch':'1', 'Keen':'1', 'Mighty Cleaving':'1', 'Spell Storing':'1', 'Throwing':'1', 'Bane':'2', 'Disruption':'2', 'Flaming Burst':'2', 'Icy Burst':'2', 'Shocking Burst':'2', 'Thundering':'2', 'Wounding':'2', 'Holy':'2', 'Unholy':'2', 'Lawful':'2', 'Chaotic':'2', 'Speed':'4', 'Brilliant Energy':'4', 'Dancing':'4', 'Vorpal':'5', 'Binding':'1', 'Fortunate':'1', 'Crazed':'1', 'Harmony':'1', 'Shrinking': '1', 'Ki Focus':'1', 'Merciful': '1', 'Sure Striking': '1', 'Vicious': '1', 'Corrosive': '1', 'Impact': '1', 'Screaming': '1', 'Sweeping': '1', 'Everbright':'2', 'Disarming':'2', 'Acidic Burst':'2', 'Balanced':'2', 'Commanding':'2', 'Eager':'2', 'Fierce':'2', 'Grasping':'2', 'Heartfinder':'2', 'Proficient':'2', 'Radiant':'2', 'Shadowstrike':'2', 'Stunning':'2', 'Force':'3', 'Energy Aura':'3', 'Knockback':'3'}
            self.rangedspecial = {'Flaming':'1', 'Frost':'1', 'Shock':'1', 'Returning':'1', 'Distance':'1', 'Bane':'2', 'Holy':'2', 'Unholy':'2', 'Lawful':'2', 'Chaotic':'2', 'Flaming Burst':'2', 'Icy Burst':'2', 'Shocking Burst':'2', 'Speed':'4', 'Brilliant Energy':'4', 'Binding':'1', 'Fortunate':'1', 'Shrinking':'1', 'Mericful':'1', 'Seeking':'1', 'Sure Striking':'1', 'Corrosive':'1', 'Impact':'1', 'Precise':'1', 'Screaming':'1', 'Screaming':'1', 'Everbright':'2', 'Acidic Burst':'2', 'Commanding':'2', 'Fierce':'2', 'Balanced':'2', 'Proficient':'2', 'Radiant':'2', 'Shadowstrike':'2', 'Stunning':'2', 'Force':'3', 'Energy Aura':'3', 'Knockback':'3'}
            self.special = {'Defending':'A defending weapon allows the wielder to transfer some or all of the swords enhancment bonus to his ac as a special bonus that stacks with all the others. As a free action, the wielder chooses how to allocate the weapons enhancment bonus at the start of his turn before using the weapon, and the effect to AC lasts unti his next turn.', 'Flaming':'Upon command, a flaming weapon in sheathed in fire. The fire does not harm the wielder. Flaming weapons deal +1d6 points of fire damage on a succcessful hit.',}
    #Etc (too long of a list)
            self.banelist = ['Aberation', 'Animal', 'Beast', 'Construct', 'Dragon', 'Elemental', 'Fey', 'Giant', 'Magical beast', 'Monstrous humanoid', 'Oozes', 'Chaotic outsider', 'Evil outsider', 'Good outsider', 'Lawful outsider', 'Plant', 'Shapechanger', 'Undead', 'Vermin', 'Humanoids (choose subtype)']
            # Labels
            self.label1 = Label(master, text="DND Magic Weapon Generator")
            self.label1.grid(row=0, column=0, columnspan=5)
            # Radiobuttons
            self.radio1 = Radiobutton(master, text="+1", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=1)
            self.radio1.grid(row=1, column=0)
            self.radio2 = Radiobutton(master, text="+2", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=2)
            self.radio2.grid(row=1, column=1)
            self.radio3 = Radiobutton(master, text="+3", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=3)
            self.radio3.grid(row=1, column=2)
            self.radio4 = Radiobutton(master, text="+4", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=4)
            self.radio4.grid(row=1, column=3)
            self.radio5 = Radiobutton(master, text="+5", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=5)
            self.radio5.grid(row=1, column=4)
            self.radio6 = Radiobutton(master, text="+6", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=6)
            self.radio6.grid(row=2, column=0)
            self.radio7 = Radiobutton(master, text="+7", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=7)
            self.radio7.grid(row=2, column=1)
            self.radio8 = Radiobutton(master, text="+8", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=8)
            self.radio8.grid(row=2, column=2)
            self.radio9 = Radiobutton(master, text="+9", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=9)
            self.radio9.grid(row=2, column=3)
            self.radio10 = Radiobutton(master, text="+10", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=10)
            self.radio10.grid(row=2, column=4)
            self.radioran = Radiobutton(master, text="Random", variable=self.weaponbonus, value=99)
            self.radioran.grid(row=3, column=0, columnspan=5)                    
            # Texbox
            self.text = Text(master, height=6, width=30, state=DISABLED)
            self.text.grid(row=4, column=0, columnspan=5)
            # Button
            self.button = Button(master, text="Generate!", command=self.generate)
            self.button.grid(row=5, column=0, columnspan=5)
        def generate(self):
            self.text.delete(1.0, END)
            self.text.insert(1.0, END, "Name:")
            self.text.insert(2.0, END, "Price:")
            self.text.insert(3.0, END, "Description:")
            # Weapon type
            self.weapontype = random.randint(1, 10)
            if self.weapontype < 8:
                weaponname = random.choice(self.meleecom.keys())
                weaponcost = self.meleecom[weaponname]
                weapona = self.meleespecial
            elif self.weapontype == 8:
                weaponname = random.choice(self.uncom.keys())
                weaponcost = self.uncom[weaponname]
                weapona = self.meleespecial
                weaponname = random.choice(self.ranged.keys())
                weaponcost = self.ranged[weaponname]
                weapona = self.rangedspecial
            if self.weaponbonus == 99:
                self.weaponbonus = random.randint(1, 10)
            # Prices            
            baseprice = self.weaponbase[self.weaponbonus]
            totalprice = baseprice + weaponcost
            self.text.insert(2.0, END, totalprice)
            # Bonuses
            speciallist = self.special
            enhancebonus = random.randint(1, 5)
            specialbonus = weaponbonus - enhancebonus
            while specialbonus > 0:
                specialability = random.choice(weapona.keys())
                if specialability < specialbonus:
                    weapondescription = weapona[specialability]
                    specialbonus  = specialbonus - specialability
                    self.text.insert(3.0, END, weapondescription)
    root = Tk()
    app = App(root)
    root.title("Magic Weapon Generator")
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes, that way when you do criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes!

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