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    All about JPython

    Can anyone tell me where Jython can be put to use....whats the difference between Python & Jython. Just went thru' this www.jython.org site...but am not clear with its use... cld someone be kind enough to let me know in simple terms abt Jython and am sorry if its the wrong place to post this thread!

    Thanks & Rgds,
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    Jython is Python implementation on Java platform, or if you like it, a mixture of the two languages. The biggest reason for using it might be the simplicity of Python and power of Java combined. You can use Java Swing GUI, for instance. In many applications written in Jython, the amount of code can be 30-40% less than in its pure Java equivalents.
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    Probably the most common reason to use Jython is to take of an even bigger [massive] code-base since Jython allows programmers to use Python and Java Libraries together .

    Added to that, Jython is also a handy way of running Python programs on systems that dont have the Python interpreter installed; but do have the much more common Java VM. (The down side of this approach is that the current stable version of Jython only implements features from Python 2.2.)

    If you find yourself wanting to know more - and want to use Jython - you should pick up one of the books listed on the Jython homepage .

    Hope this helps,

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