What this does is prompt the user to press Enter and then generates random principles with a small time delay.
I used python 2.7.1 and the code work fine. However i have been trying it on SL4A which is python for android and i recieve the following error message.

NameError: name 'results' is not defined

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

import random
import time

raw_input("\nGenerate ideas? Press Enter\n")
def points():

      results = ["\n 1. Principle of Segmentation: \n a)Divide an object into independent parts \n - Replace a large truck by a truck and trailer \n - Gator-grip socket spanner  \n - Multi-engined aircraft \n b)Make an object easy to disassemble \n - Bicycle disassembling (saddle, wheels) \n - Furniture (sofas, table) \n - Crib \n c)Increase the degree of fragmentation or segmentation \n - Replace solid shades with Venetian blinds \n - Computer covers with holes for ventilation \n - Multi blade cartridge Razor",
                 "\n 3. Principle of Local Quality: \n a)If a structure of an object (or its environment, or external force) is uneven make it even \n - Moulded hand grips on tools \n - Drink cans shaped to facilitate stable stacking \n b)Reconstruct an object so that different parts perform different functions \n - Hair dryer (heating and cooling) \n - Hammer with nail puller \n - Pencil with eraser \n c)Establish the most suitable operation \n  conditions for every component of an object \n - Lunch box with special compartments for hot and cold \n Freezer compartment in refrigerator",
                 "\n 4. Principle of Asymmetry: \n a)If an object is symmetrical, change its shape to irregular \n - Asymmetric paddles mix \n - cement truck \n - blender \n - cake mixer \n b)If an object is already of irregular shape \n  increase the degree of its asymmetry \n - Asymmetric scissors are easier to use then symmetric ones \n - Introduction of several different measurement scales on a ruler",
                 "\n 5. Principle of Combination: \n a)Combine like objects or objects intended for similar or related operations \n - Combine computers on a network \n - Fragile and weak components, such as glass plates can be made stronger \n   without increasing weight by combining them to packages",
                 "\n 6. Principle of University: \n a)Design an object to perform multiple functions \n  so that some other objects are no longer needed \n - Use a single adjustable wrench for all nuts \n - Team leader can act a recorder and time keeper \n - Toothbrush with dental floss"] 

      rand1 = random.choice(results)
      rand2 = random.choice(results)
      rand3 = random.choice(results)
      print rand1
      print rand2
      print rand3

loop = 1
while loop == 1:
   z = raw_input("\nWere the hints Helpfull?")
   if z == "no":