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    Nth occurence of a letter in a string


    How do we find the index of the nth occurrence of a letter in a string. For example in the following string:

    how do I find the index of the 4th dot. I know how to do the leftmost and rightmost by lfind and rfind, but not the middle ones.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Here woud be one way to do this:
    python Code:
    def find_nth_character(str1, substr, n):
        """find the index of the nth substr in string str1""" 
        k = 0
        for index, c in enumerate(str1):
            #print index, c, n  # test
            if c == substr:
                k += 1
                if k == n:
                    return index
    str1 = "B.765.A87_43.Left.9878.xx8"
    substr = '.'
    occurance = 4
    print "%s #%d at index %d" % (substr, occurance, find_nth_character(str1, substr, occurance))
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    The find method takes an option parameter with the position in the string to start search from. So Dietrich's function could be re-written as:

    python Code:
    def find_nth_character(str1, substr, n):
        pos = -1
        for x in xrange(n):
            pos = str1.find(substr, pos+1)
            if pos == -1:
                return None
        return pos

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    Another way to do this is to use split and join:
    #!/usr/bin/env python
    def find_nth_pos(haystack, needle, n):
        "Note: This returns a 0 based index"
        array = haystack.split(needle)
        if (len(array)-1)< n:
            return -1
        s = '.'.join(array[0:n])
        return len(s)
    str = "B.765.A87_43.Left.9878.xx8"
    x = find_nth_pos(str, '.', 4)
    print x
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