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    Picking the optimum game stats


    I am new to programing and currently teaching myself python.
    I am playing a game and would like to use python to help me pick the best possible stats from the items I have.

    Let me try and explain. In the game you can equip your character with 7 different items each item give a boost to your stats. Some items give positive number some negative and some a mixture of both. There are 4 different stats like strength, defense, critical and agility. So one item for example armor can give you + 100 strength, +35 in agility and - (minus) 75 in defense. Another item say shoes give you different stats. It can be only one stat change like + 300 in critical.

    What I would like if possible is a way to enter all items and their stats that I have collected and have an answer on the best and highest combination possible.

    Thank you for any advice and suggestion.
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    You'd like to find all combinations of items your character can use then choose the one that maximizes some feature? (greatest average, largest minimum, highest agility) In j (www.jsoftware.com) the monadic verb { computes the Cartesian product.
       >L:1{(;:'leatherBoots AchillesHeel');<;:'buckledBelt ChampionsGirdle herniaHalter'
    │leatherBoots│leatherBoots   │leatherBoots│
    │buckledBelt │ChampionsGirdle│herniaHalter│
    │AchillesHeel│AchillesHeel   │AchillesHeel│
    │buckledBelt │ChampionsGirdle│herniaHalter│
    I'd have to consider the problem for "a while" to figure out how to solve this problem in general without writing special code---oh I think I've got it---

    Anyway the most obvious algorithm is to write nested loops.
    for shoe in 'AchillesHeel leatherBoots'.split():
        for belt in 'herniaHalter buckledBelt ChampionsGirdle'.split():
            for ring in 'gold TomMix'.split():
                if better:
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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