Thank you guys for the help with the sketch instantiation thing. I didn't know that was how it worked by default, I saw one code getting it to work that way and I stuck with it. :P

Guys, I thought a lot about this last night and realized there was a slight clarification issue with what I was trying to do, that may have in fact caused a good deal of what this discussion is in the first place.

Okay, sketches are a prototyping object. That is what I designed them for. I use them as rough containers to hold settings for modules, and I use them as placeholders where I want a stringy object until I can figure out what else I want there.

Part of the idea with sketches needs to serve as a method of that particular sketch, without necessarily being a method of sketches in general. I don't REALLY want to create blank values that return something that isn't themselves, as per properties, I just want to create instance attributes that do. I was trying to figure out HOW to do it and my first case was what I called "Property-encapsulated objects."

And the idea probably was more than a little silly, and I've since decided to stick to a more straightforward, idiomatic version of what is essentially the same thing, I'm just going to write the classes fresh. It doesn't look that much worse, really.

I'm going to find a way to play by the rules. Maybe I'll stick with Python, maybe someday I'll find something more my speed. I ask that you forgive me for my occasional stubbornness, and my strange questions. I thank you again for being patient thus far.