does anyone have any experience of using pyro? i have tried to install it and run the simple server app, but it keeps on stalling with an error:

Pyro Server Initiliased. using pyrov v3.4
file C:\ docs and setting\...\exmaple\, line
18, in?


File C:\....\, line 130, in getNS

reply =
File C:\, line 56, in sendSysCommand
results = se;f.__sendSysCommand(request, host, port,
trace, logerrords, Pyro.constraints.NSROLE_SECONDARY)

File C:\...\, line 123, in __sendSysCommand

raise errors.PyroError(@Name server not responding')

Pyro.erros.PyroErro: name server not responding

i have abreviated some of this but left the important
stuff on there - looks like the name server isn't
working. any ideas?