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    New python

    i'm not sure if there's ever been a change in a programming language that got removed, like the move from 2.7 to 3 which I hear breaks backward compatability. it's a shame this is happening now because I decided to learn python and went and spent a hundred bucks on three months of reading, and it seems most of it is for python 2. should I be learning 2 or 3? i know that question may sound dumb, but people still use xp afterall. I want to learn python so that's effective with future changes in operating systems, network technology; etc. in a way i think 2 would be better documented and supported, and 3 the newb with lots a new "features" --- bugs if you caught my drift. i don't want to sound naive, but should i learn 2 or 3?
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    python 3 is stable fast good and supported by "third parties". The differences between versions aren't terribly difficult to learn in my opinion. Then again, i attended the python conference introducing python3 and got the "python2->3 cheat sheet". A lot of the python3 features have been backported to python2.7.somenumber. Some of which you'd enable with "from future import feature". Ubuntu (a mainstream linux distribution) has converted most of their python source to python3.
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    I use the latest version of Python3 (right now Python 3.3.3) on my computer and then have Portable Python (version 2.7.5) on a USB flash-drive for some older code samples.

    Python is still evolving and the good ideas are implemented in Python3.

    By the way, you will be running into compatibility problems with older versions with most common computer languages.
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