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    Question Python Sendmail dropping Subject and To lines

    Hi all,
    I was hoping someone might please be able to assist me on something which has been causing me a headache for a while!

    I have a nightly maintenance script written in python which goes through compresses a database, rebuilds indexes etc.
    I'm trying to get an email notification output whether fail or success.

    I can get the sendmail script to work as a standalone file, however as soon as I embed this within the maintenance script, it drops the Subject line and To line which kind of defeats what I'm trying to do.

    I have tried numerous ways to do it but I'm still having a headache.

    My sendmail script is:

    import smtplib
    SERVER = "relay.work.com.au"
    FROM = "me@work.com.au"
    TO = "me@work.com.au"
    SUBJECT = "The Script Has Completed"
    MSG = "This is an auto generated Message.\n\rThe Reconcile & Compress script has completed.\n\n"
    # Prepare actual message
    MESSAGE = """\
    From: %s
    To: %s
    Subject: %s
    """ % (FROM, TO, SUBJECT, MSG)
    # Send the email
    server = smtplib.SMTP(SERVER)
    server.sendmail(FROM, TO, MESSAGE)
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is no way to tell what happens when you run this from another program, which we don't have, (and you should use a try/except to capture the exact error so you then know more about the problem). There are 3 things that I might suggest

    1. call this program from the other program instead of including it, using try/except blocks.

    2. Every sendmail example that I have seen uses a dictionary returned from MIMEText example 1, example 2 Also take note of the brackets around recipient used in both examples, (I assume this allows for a list of multiple recipients), i.e from the first example

    server.sendmail('author@example.com', ['recipient@example.com'], msg.as_string())

    3. use subprocess.call or popen from the calling program and run in a separate process to eliminate conflicts
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