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    General questions

    I used to do a lot of coding (C++, Objective C, AS, JS etc) but haven't been into it for a few years. I want to create a program for data analysis from a database. I've decided that Python will be a good fit for that, and I've followed a few tutorials to get a feel for the language, but there's a number of things that are unclear to me. I'm using a Mac.

    1. I want this to be an offline, i.e. desktop executable program. How do I do that with Python? Is it possible to create a clickable application that runs straight from the Mac, without having to open up the terminal etc to run Python?
    2. I might as well use the best editor I can get, so I was thinking of paying for Pycharm, worth it?
    3. I want to store the data in a database. Eventually there may be 100-300k of entries, but there won't be millions. So I was thinking of something like SQLite, but would the database be stored internally in the python program, or would it still be accessed as an external file (which I'd prefer I think)?
    4. I want the program itself to have a GUI to allow me to put entries into the database (although I'm also storing them in a excel file right now, and will want to import that into the database at some point). What are the most popular GUI's to use with Python?
    5. I know there are a number of data analysis and visualization libraries available for Python. Any suggestions on which would integrate well into what I'm trying to achieve?

    Thanks for any help.
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    2) emacs is the best editor. Learn it.
    3) Use jd from J Home
    4) Avoid tkinter. It's ridiculous.
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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