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    Cool Senior Project?

    For my Senior Project, I have decided I would like to create a computer game. I am taking a class this year on Programming, however it is hardly helpful and the teacher isn't the best. The first language we are going to be learning is on Python. I need ANY tips or ideas you have on how I can manage to get this done with no help from my class. Does anyone know any good video tutorials or anything that would be of use to me? Any sites/other programs that will make my life easier? Thanks!
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    There are few things to note:

    1) Do not blame your teacher, please. Teachers could be worse or better, but until you yourself will attempt to teach someone - it is not quite decent. And by the way, "programming is the thing which could not be taught. It only could not be learnt."

    2) It is quite important to understand which level of profficiency in programming you already posess. Whether you have practice with some other languages, or no?

    3) It is also important to decide what kind of game you are going to implement. If you have no programming experience, it is not a good idea trying some perfect graphic game (oh yes, 3D shooter etc.) However, programming of the simpler (and sometimes stupid) games, even console-based, will really boost your programming skills and future career.

    4) There are two big things which you need to learn. Programming in your chosen language (python for example) - and programming core itself (logic, algorithms, data structures), independent of language.

    For first of them, regarding python, you will do good if you start with python tutorial.

    For second you simply should start inventing and writing programs with increasing complexity. For example, if we turn to "game-like" programs, they could be:
    - coin-tossing machine (program tosses, user guesses)
    - rock-paper-scissors (user should guess what program keeps in mind and program should tell whether the guess is correct and keep count);
    - rock-paper-scissors variant with one of them assigned slightly more often than others;
    - "guess the number" - user chooses a number between 1 and 1000 and program is to guess it from 10 attempts (like "your number is greater than 500?");
    - maze-like games (user is to travel through maze printed at console, with some features like hidden pits, falling blocks etc).

    Later all these variants could be put to graphics, though at beginning (if you have no significant skills) it is worth doing all this in console.

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