In a cgi script I'm trying to start an exe file (in a new process). The exe file call has to include the parameter ">log.txt" to save the output of the exe into a log file. After the exe has been executed the focus has to return back to the cgi script (to evaluate the log file).

The cgi script is stored in "d:\cgi-bin"
The exe is stored in "c:\prog\"

Using "os.system ("start c:\prog\program.exe >log.txt")" did start the programm.exe but generated an empty log file. If the script file and the exe are located in the same folder it works.
As workaround I now start the program through a bat file, but after the exe has been executed the process bar in the bottom of the browser window keeps running... besides that I don't really want to use a bat file...

I'm sure there is a simple solution for this one but I just can't get it working.

Thanks in advance for your help