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    Where to start - relational databases for Python?

    [PYTHON 3, Windows 7]


    I'm learning Python and so far I've done most of my serialization with Pickle and Shelve.

    I'd like to start working with (slightly) more advanced database systems. I'm guessing I need some incarnation of SQL, but I'm a complete newbie with regards to databases, so I"m not sure exactly where to start.

    What's a good (preferably free) system to start with? (And if you could point me in the direction of any tutorials / documentation, I would appreciate it).

    Requests (if possible):

    • Ideally I'd like something that allows me to do basic serialization simply (so I can practice by converting my old pickle/shelve projects to the database system), but that isn't so limited or obscure that I will have to ditch it for a new system as my needs/abilities get more advanced.
    • Currently I'm looking to work with local databases stored on a hard drive, but I may as well learn something that can be translated to online databases when the need arises.

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    This tutorial is pre-Python 3 but I believe it is still relevant (other than print()).

    Actually, this is more current/relevant, using sqlite3.

    You can pickle objects and then store them in a database as BLOBs, although there are alternative approaches. But you should probably start with database basics.
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