Hey i dont know if i should open another thread or just post my question here.
But oh well here u go.

I am also doing Tkinter at the moment and i am just reading for the most part.
But i dont understand how to make a function and then the variables assigning.

For example: ###This is a script i got from a website.

from Tkinter import *

class Application(Frame):
def say_hi(self):
print "hi there, everyone!"

def say_bye(self):
print "Bye everyone."

def createWidgets(self):
self.QUIT = Button(self)
self.QUIT["text"] = "QUIT"
self.QUIT["fg"] = "red"
self.QUIT["bg"] = "blue"
self.QUIT["command"] = self.quit

self.QUIT.pack({"side": "left"})

self.hi_there = Button(self)
self.hi_there["text"] = "Hello",
self.hi_there["command"] = self.say_hi

self.hi_there.pack({"side": "left"})

def __init__(self, master=None):
Frame.__init__(self, master)

app = Application()

### These functions do not have anything to assign but how would i be able that the user assigns them and then I apply them to my function.

For example:

class Plus:
def plusx(x,y):
print x+y # How would i assign these variables
def __init__(self):
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