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    urgent help needed in PYTHON and PyGTK

    hello there,
    m here again. thanks for all the help so far. it was all grt. m stuck at some place again. this time i'm here with a number of queries, grt if i get some help on them.

    1.first one goes something like this,can somebody tell me how to add images as background to the PyGTK windows? i know how to set them on the pygtk window but whenever i add a label or a box then it is overlapped so that only the image is seen n no boxes are seen, it gives a warning like this:

    "(mainimage.py:1399): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to add a widget with type GtkVButtonBox to a GtkEventBox, but as a GtkBin subclass a GtkEventBox can only contain one widget at a time; it already contains a widget of type GtkImage"

    2. i need some help on how to add audio to my PyGTK windows.
    and, how do i change the properties of the PyGTK windows so that they look more appealing, with soft looks, rounded corners, glistening colours(rather than red, blue,pink,green etc),.....

    i am using red hat linux 8.0. python2.4, PyGTK.
    any help will be appreciable.
    thanks, cheerooooo,
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    well i don't know pygtk but i can help you with your last question

    red hat has a simple sym link called htmlview, which is set to run the defualt web browser, so something like:

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    from os import system
    system("htmlview www.website.com")
    before anyone gets all upset with me that i used the os.system mothod instead of the subprocces one, is because red hat 8 has an older v. of python by defualt and i didn't know if the this user actually had 2.4.
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