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    Wx Widgets

    Plz help me i need to find a good tutorial for wx widgets so i can get to know wx plz i am compleately lost if somone could be kind to help ty (thank you)

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    I don't know any good tutorial on wxWidgets but you should have a look at the small sample applications that come with the wxPython distribution. Personnaly, that's the way I learnt to use wxWidgets.

    Anyway, here is a basic example :

    import wx
    # We need to define a class representing the application
    # by deriving the wxApp class
    class MyApp( wx.App ) :
        def OnInit( self ) :
            """ This method specifies what has to be done
                when the application is started. Here, we'd
                like to open the main window of our application.
                This method has to return True to indicate that
                the initialisation process succeeded. 
            frame = MainFrame( None,      # No parent
                               -1,          # Window's ID
                               "MyApp" ) # Window's title
            self.SetTopWindow( frame )
            frame.Show( True )
            return True
    # Here, we'll define our own main window class by
    # inheriting the wxFrame class.
    class MainFrame( wx.Frame ) :
        def __init__( self, parent, id, title ) :
            wx.Frame.__init__( self, parent, id, title )
    if __name__ == "__main__" :
        # To run the application, we now need to instanciate
        # the application class and call its MainLoop() method
    Good luck !
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    Have you tried Google yet? If you have, disregard this comment.

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