I've been working for hours on end trying to get this to work. I need my program to write the text of a certain text control to another text control (this other text control is acting as my rich text). I need my program to accomplish this task by pushing a certain button. So far I've gotten my program to do something when pushing the button, it prints the text control's text to the other text control until it hits 2606 lines and cannot write any more text. Here is my code, I only want it to get written once and then clear the text currently in the first text control.
self.txt_send = wxTextCtrl(self, 5, '', wxPoint(188, 270), wxSize(470, 20), wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER)
self.send_butn = wxButton(self, -1, 'Send', wxPoint(660, 270), wxSize(35, 20))
self.Bind(EVT_BUTTON, self.EventButton, self.send_butn)
def EventButton(self, event):
    self.Bind(EVT_TEXT, self.OnSend, self.txt_send)
def OnSend(self, event):
Any help is appreciated. If I eventually figure thid out (I hope so...) I'll update my post.