Hey, if u have some time and are interested in software dev, these links are very interesting. Check em out

The article on program veriication is interesting and extremely useful in developing software.

This is also important to software dev

This article on software visualisation is very intersting.

Interesting as far as HCI goes. Tho comp3511 has excellent lecture notes on the topic anyway

This is an important concept that is completely overlooked by uni, since a project is generally 'hacked' up to get the job done for a uni assignment rather than planned. Since planning costs much more time at the beginning, and even tho it saves time later on, there is no 'later on' in uni assignments, so studetns don't bother working so much harder in the beginning. It teaches very bad habbits. Unfortunantly practice doesnt make perfect, practice makes permanent. Tho ... I know u know that already.