Hello all,

I am somewhat new to linux and python, but i guess thats the reason i have this question.

I installed python 2.3 onto my system along with zope. As I work with zope and install packages and try to get various packages working, I wonder if my python and Zope are installed correctly.

There seems to be directories all over the place and I am not sure if this is correct.

Like I have a folder for python2.3 in both my usr/lib/ and usr/local/ directories, should they only be in one place? Also, i see some people refer to zope being in usr/lib/zope/ or sometimes usr/local/zope/, mine is in the usr/local/, but i am not sure if this is correct. Then i have plone installed and have a directory in usr/lib/, but most of what i do with zope, plone and their products has been in usr/local/zope.

I haven't been able to find any good information on the correct way to install all these things and i have looked everywhere. i was hoping someone with some experience could give me an idea if i am right or some tips.

Certain things like the ZMySQL aren't working and some other stuff and i wanted to make sure I have my base stuff going before anything else.

Thank you very much for any help or ideas.