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    Thumbs up wxPython questions

    Hi, I encountered some problems when using wxPython :

    1. I'm using a frame that includes wx.lib.iewin
    the Html page will include text and links.
    I would like to able to :
    1.1 Capture the click event on the link
    1.2 Cancel the click event so that the ActiveX browser
    won't navigate.
    1.3 Open IE app with that link info

    The problem:
    1.4 Which event does this ActiveX exposes so I can
    hook up to it? ( I couldn't find ANY documentation)
    2. How to get the IE app path from the registry?
    ( and then use os.system(path) to run IE )
    ( I tried to used the absolute path,
    but it doesn't work as well

    2. Regarding raising events:
    I defined custom event class, and Icon class ( which
    creates an icon on the task bar). On dbl click on the icon, I
    want to raise custom event ( so listeners can hook up to
    it) , but since Icon class is a 'plain
    one ' - it doesn't have GetEventHandler() method
    What is the best way to achieve that?
    The code is attached:
    ###### The custom event class ########
    import sys
    import wx

    class CustomEvt(wx.PyCommandEvent):
    def __init__(self, evtType, id=-1):
    wx.PyCommandEvent.__init__(self, evtType, id)
    self.myVal = None

    def SetMyVal(self, val):
    self.myVal = val

    def GetMyVal(self):
    return self.myVal

    ########## The IconClass ##########
    from wxPython.wx import *
    import sys
    from CustomeEvent import CustomEvt

    # custome Events
    myEVT_ICON_DBLCLICKED = wxNewEventType()

    class Icon():

    def __init__(self):
    # instantiate task bar icon
    self.tbicon = wxTaskBarIcon()
    # set icon
    # set up event handlers to catch tray icon events
    EVT_TASKBAR_LEFT_DCLICK(self.tbicon, self.OnLeftDblClick)
    return None

    def updateIcon(self):
    self.tbicon.SetIcon(wxIcon('icon1.ico', wxBITMAP_TYPE_ICO), '')

    def OnLeftDblClick(self,event):
    evt = CustomEvt(myEVT_ICON_DBLCLICKED)

    Thanks a lot
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    One thing you can do is define your own event handler for the pre-navigate event.
        EVT_MSHTML_BEFORENAVIGATE2(self, -1, self.OnBeforeNavigate2)
        def OnBeforeNavigate2(self, evt):
            if  evt.GetText1().find(self.homepage) != 0:
    The success of this is site dependent.

    You could combine that with a call to the webbrowser module.

    Have a look at the wx Demo it uses the taskbar icon and has it's own menu.

    Tip: when posting code use a code block to get the indentation right!

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