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    need help newbie

    print 'welcome to greek eatery'
    print 'we are full \n '
    money = int(raw_input('how much to tip ?'))
    if money:
    print 'we have a table'
    print 'sit down and wait'
    raw_input('press the enter key to exit')

    # i want the program to display 'we have a table' if i enter a
    $ amount
    # and display 'sit down and wait' if i enter o
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    All you had to do was finish your "if" statement.You litterally said "if money" and that was all hehe.You need to define the "if" check on money.So in your case it would be if money is greater than zero
    if money > 0:
    Basicly your "if" check has to be something that can be answered yes or no,so that you can act accordingly.The very basic idea being:
    if this is true:
        do this
        do that
    And since you already know about typecasting,you can make a built-in error message if the input can't be typecast as a integer.Since this was kinda fun I got fancy and wrapped it inside a "while true" loop,so if there was a VauleError it would loop until you put in a integer

    print 'Welcome To The Greek Eatery!'
    print 'Unfortunately we are full right now...'
    print '*wink* *wink*'
    print '*extends hand*\n'
    while True:  #start the loop
        try:  #try to typecast the input and then act on it
            money = int(raw_input('How much of a "tip" do you give?'))
            if money > 0: 
                print 'A table has just become available.'
                print 'Right this way,Sir...'
                break #break out of the loop
                print 'Take a seat in the waiting area,Bub!'
                break #break out of the loop
        except ValueError:  #if the input isn't a integer
            print "\nInvaild Amount!\n"
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