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    Examine my code, please?

    Hi, i've just started learning Python, and have written a simple notepad like program. I would like some expert to just take a quick look at my code and see if it is all good - I don't want to be developing any bad habbits this soon.

    # Notepad 2
    # Acts like Notepad
    # 7/28/04
    from Tkinter import *
    class Application(Frame):
        """ GUI application which counts button clicks. """
        def __init__(self, master):
            """ Initialize the frame. """
            Frame.__init__(self, master)
            self.save_count = int("1")
        def create_widget(self):
            """ create the button and status """
            self.lbl = Label(self, text = "Unsaved")
            self.lbl.grid(row = 0, col = 0)
            self.bttn = Button(self)
            self.bttn["text"] = "Save File"
            self.bttn["command"] = self.save_file
            self.bttn.grid(row = 0, col = 1)
            self.lbl2 = Label(self, text = "Editing file 'test.txt'")
            self.lbl2.grid(row = 3, col = 0, columnspan = 2)
        def open_file(self):
            """ open the file for writing and reading """
            self.text_file = open("test.txt", "r")
            self.whole_thing = self.text_file.read()
            self.user_txt = Text(self, width = 50, height = 30, wrap = WORD)
            self.user_txt.grid(row = 2, col = 0, columnspan = 2, sticky = W)
            self.user_txt.delete(0.0, END)
            self.user_txt.insert(0.0, self.whole_thing)
            print self.whole_thing
        def save_file(self):
            """ update the button count on click """
            contents = self.user_txt.get(0.0, END)
            self.new_file = open("test.txt", "w")
            self.lbl["text"] = "File Saved", str(self.save_count)
            self.save_count += 1
            print "File saved."
    # main
    root = Tk()
    root.title("Button Test")
    app = Application(root)
    Well that's a screen length, but just barely... I'll .zip it if needed.

    Oh, and, quick question - how can I close the GUI/script with a button? I have tried some things but they don't work.

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    Keep at it, it's worthy

    I would normally redirect the WM_DELETE_WINDOW to my own handler - this allows the program to tidy up when the user tries to pull the rug out.


    Within that function you would eventually call:
    def deleteWindow():
    which actually does the window clean up. You can of course assign this function to a button.

    WRT your code - why not include root in the application class?

    There is a ScrolledText widget that is pretty effective - does every thing Text does but has a scroll bar. You can
    import ScrolledText
    myTextBox = ScrolledText.ScrolledText( ....every thing as Text widget...)
    If you are planning to display more than just ASCII then it is a good idea to set up the Text widget spacing(1..3) options to 1 or 2 pixels. This prevents the top and bottom of some accented characters from being clipped. The wrap option may be right for you.

    As a personal preference; for programs more than a few lines I don't do
    from Tkinter import *
    and use the standard
    import Tkinter

    This just stops me interfering with already defined names - Tkinter has a lot of them! It makes the code a little more wordy but IMO easier to check.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for the advice! I will try it out.

    Since i'm new, i'm just doing it the way they did in the book (Python Programming for the absolute beginner).
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    Originally Posted by Possibility
         self.save_count = int("1")
    Why do you do that??

    What about self.save_count = 1?
    Furthermore finally you should close a file.

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