Okay, this is probably a simple matter that I'm making more complicated than necessary ( ) but here goes:

The portion of the program I'm having trouble with should copy a number of files from one directory to another (replacing any identically-named files already present in the destination directory). Nothing challenging there, it works fine. It also displays a ProgressDialog showing how far along it is. Here's the code for this part of the prog:

for file in files:
	prog = prog + 1
	if file in ftp_files:
		rem_file = os.path.join(temp_ftp_dir, file)
	elif file in web_files:
		rem_file = os.path.join(temp_web_dir, file)
	if re.match("[.][nN][eE][fF]", file[-4:]):
		print prog
		frame.pddlg.Update(prog, "Copying file "+str(prog)+" of "+str(numimages)+": "+file)
		shutil.copy2(file, os.path.join(temp_ftp_dir, file))
	elif re.match("[.jJ][jJpP][pPeE][eEgG]", file[-4:]):
		frame.pddlg.Update(prog, "Copying file "+str(prog)+" of "+str(numimages)+": "+file)
		shutil.copy2(file, os.path.join(temp_web_dir, file))
		frame.pddlg.Update(prog, "Error copying file "+str(prog)+" of "+str(numimages)+": "+file+"!\nFile is of an invalid format!")
Before this code, the ProgressDialog has been created, all needed variables assigned, etc.

Now, say there are 8 files in the list to be copied. The first seven will copy correctly, and the Dialog will display correctly ("copying 7 of 8", etc). When it hits the last file, it runs through the loop as far as frame.pddlg.Update, calls frame.pddlg.Update ("copying 8 of 8"), then stops. After manually closing the ProgressDialog, the last file is copied, and life goes on. I had this problem once before, but I'll be damned if I can remember how I fixed it.