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    hmmm...hostnames, ip and mac adresses...

    hello all,

    i am trying out python coding at the moment and was wondering how to approach this conundrum...what is the best (okay, simplest) way to develop a python app to scan a suse linux server (running a firewall) in my company's intranet for the ip and mac addresses as well as the hostnames of all the machines connected??

    this information is to be accessed through a text-based interface (nothing fancy...), which also allows users to add, edit and delete the ip addresses...

    am kinda stumped here (kinda don't know where to start even), so some suggestions on how to approach the issue, code snippets or advice would be much appreciated...of course, the code for a similarly-purposed app would be mucho excellente.....

    thanks a bunch...
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    Not realy a Python question yet...

    Your server will know of the existence of another machine only if that machine tries to use the server in some way.

    If the firewall server is also a DHCP server then the dhcp server software will maintain a list of all IP address leases. The format/content of the leases will depend on the dhcp server program used.

    The standard SUSE firewall software only logs critical events or specific ports (e.g. FTP ports) so does not easily report all accesses but at least puts the reports in the system log.

    If you just want to track IP addresses then you could put monitoring tools on the Ethernet port (ethereal perhaps?).
    You are perhaps better off asking this question in a security forum and coming back here when you know what info you can get access to.


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