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    I've got some doubts while I was going thru' some books...actually I've forgotten what namespaces cld anyone explain it in simple terms???

    Also there is another stupid Python an object oriented language or a programming language or a scripting language??

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    All of the above. Depending on who you talk to you'll get different answers - including "Dynamic Language", "Agile Programming language" etc.

    Anyway, namespaces... in the simplest terms, a namespace describes which variables/objects can see each-other. You can think of your programs namespaces as being laid out like a house.

    I live in a house (the global namespace), in my house there are rooms (local namespaces). Separated by walls of course .

    Assume that I wanted to ask my sister something. This would be easy if she was in the same room but if she's not then I'd have to shout. As long as she's in the house then fine: "Sam, how was work?". Done.

    If she's not then I have a problem since the question/request/message has nowhere to go! [This is where we would get an error .]
    Thats the general idea anyway; possibly not the best explanation . Get it?

    Mark .
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