I was installing Eclipse, a powerful open source Java IDE, in order to try out the PyDev Python plugin for it, and I noticed something that I thought I would share with the forum.

The Eclipse installation process presents you with the license agreement for each of the components being installed, which you have to accept for the installation to continue. All the Java compononents had typical long wordy open source licences, specifying what you can and can't do with the component and its source. The license for Pydev, in its entirety, said:

For legal terms, see the Common Public License.
For my own enjoyment, take a deep breath. Really deep one, until
you can feel in your toes and your head gets dizzy.
Doesn't that feel good? Yum.
Aleks and Fabio
I feel that this captures the essential difference between the spirits of the Java community and the Python community.

Dave - The Developers' Coach