Hi all,
I am developing in Python (as a GUI I choosed Qt).
To increase my expertise, besides reading manuals & tutorials, I am studying a big program developed in the language of my choice, and related with my project (to develop a card game).
For that reason I choosed PySol (also if the GUI part uses Tkinter and not Qt).
PySol is made up from almost 100 python programs and for that reason you need a means for organize that. I developed some very small programs to merge all together in one big program, mantaining in the listing the line numbering of the individual programs (with an identy mark).
The line numbering is in hex to be able to use only 3 char (in hex you can accomodate 4095 lines instead of only 999 in decimal).
As an example X03F means line 63 (0x3F in hex) of the program identified by 'X'.

Does someone in the forum knows something about function tree generation and cross references?
I have decided to develop these functionalities in python, but if someone can help...