Hey Guys, This is tough,

First of all, i have a sample website for my project which is half done,

I have Forms and I have Various Items with their Quantity boxes.


Please check this.

So u will notice that i have used HTML and Javascript Cookies to store my temporary form data and order data.

What i have to do now is to Write a Python code, to collect all the form data and order data using python cookies. and store it in any file.

Its like

Javascript Stored Cookies----- Read Cookies using Python and Store them in a file

For Example.

In the Form data: the cookie looks like

username :blah

and order data contains

these data are already set by my Javascript cookies.

I need this data to read and store in a file like


Second Doubt

If i have Plain File containing data of product quantity

in C:/windows/
and I want to read that file data in a specific format.

How can i implement data using Python Code. Let me know, all these

Any Idea, suggestion any source code, help would be greatly appreciated.

Dont forget to look my sample shopping webpage to get a clear picture of wat i want.