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    newbie here

    hello there i would like to ask people here maybe they know where can i visit a good site about learning python in graphical mode and maybe there is an editor with gui assigning like the jbuilder of java

    what i wanna learn here is to make a program in python that will be like an HR System where in you can add, edit, delete users in graphical mode and all assigned into database

    i only know programming using java, php, perl but i dont know about this python thats why i wanna learn to add some programming knowledge to myself

    i already read some point about Tkinter but just a basic about that

    thank you in advance for you going to help me
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    Since you have already learned Java, PHP and Pearl, a good place to just get up to speed with Python would be by Mark Pilgrim. You won't learn any GUI building there, though.

    Just as GUI building for Java in, for instance, JBuilder presupposes an understanding of programatical construction of GUIs in the Java programming language, creation of graphical user interfaces in Python demands of the programmer that he understands how to hand-code GUI code. That said, I'd recommend looking at, and Having learned those, you could turn to PythonCard, which is an abstraction layer for wxPython, and Boa Constructor, which is a Python IDE under development.
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    I've never been a big GUI guy more into the web side of things but as I understand it PyQT comes with a designer program which might be what your looking for..

    Maybe it's just me but i could never get Pycard of Boa to work for me, the idea's there are good though. Found Spe the other day, its another IDE, looks pretty sweet

    There's a very nice into/referance on Tkinter at, they also have an intro to PIL (Python Image Library)

    If your looking for a beautiful way to do GUI's you might wana check out, the toolkit was actually designed to make games but i've seen it used to make some very sleek looking GUI's!

    Take care,

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