Have this question at another forum, got 0 replies.... :/ But here it is cut 'n paste style, please ask if you dont know what im trying to say...

Heya all, really hope people arent tired of my relentless questions YET...

Oh well here goes:

wxPython is sadly, IMO very poorly documented, added with that theres almost no tutorials around, or code snippets etc (at least i couldnt find it ?)

1) I want to show a margin at my text box, this margin should have numbers, to represent what line number youre looking at. Any ideas ? Yes i looked at the wxpython examples but i couldnt figure t out Could anyone show a REALLY simple example ?

2) Again thanks to poor documentation, ive been unable to find out just how i should be able to add a simple find/replace window, I can make the window (from the wxpython examples) but i cant find out how to actually make this window operate in the textbox area yet, any documentation BESIDES those lausy examples ?

Even have two more questions, but i Hope youll post some links to some documentation about this, cause im getting really mad at this Ive never tried to use something with so poor documentation, they should look at the PHP manual for an example of fine documentatioN Maybe its just cause im a noob to this too, but still, wouldnt you agree that theyre lacking on the documentation side ?

Ok ive gotten some control over the margin stuff, used a wxStyledTextCtrl to do this, but if you have tried the wxPython example called StyledTextCtrl1.py you will see that the text window is unbelieveably wide, far more wide than the window itself, how can you control it to stay INSIDE the given window ?

In other words, is there a way to disable horizontal scrolling but maintain the vertical scrollbar ?

Please help me guys, please! Anyway thx in advance

If you know a thing or two about StyleSetSpec() then dont hesitate to provide me with info either.

PLease ? Im shot dead till i get some help here, I cant get on!