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    Announce: PythonOnWheels (PoW)

    Hi everybody,

    I am announcing PythonOnWheels. (short PoW)

    Projectname: PythonOnWheels
    Motto: We are only on wheels but it feels like having wings

    What it is: A quick and easy to use generative Web framework for python.

    STOP: I know what you are thinking: " What the world doesn't need are more
    lawyers and python web frameworks"

    And you are right. But I am announcing this mostly to get feedback from
    the community. Any really feedback is welcome.

    Some years ago I saw a screencast about ruby on rails and that really blew my
    mind. I Searched something equivalant for python but found only micro or mega
    So I think there is even some space for PoW besides the fun I had and have developing it

    The idea: is to make the developer focus on his/her App instead of the framework.

    List of Features (not complete)
    * Model View Controller
    * Uses the well proven Ruby On Rails principles
    ** convention over configuration
    ** generate_model, generate_controller, generate_migration
    * Scaffolding dabei
    ** generate_scaffold
    * JQuery integration
    * AJAX
    * Responsive Layout based on Twitter Bootstrap
    * Lightweight - simple and easy to use
    * Nose Tests
    * automatically generate for you. runtest script to run them
    * Database Migrations
    * web app generation with batteries included:
    ** Session support
    ** basic authentication (Beta 2)
    * Runs with Apache & mod_wsgi
    * includes a ready to run simple_server
    * full environment on your laptop, mac or pc

    Coming for Beta 1:
    * Observer pattern
    * Validation (as a plugin)


    type pythononwheels in google and/or go to the github page. You can find a link to the 'real' homepage at the top.

    sorry for the inconveniance but devshed forbids
    to post links for newbies ...

    go to the homepage and watch the weblog in 10 minutes

    Get it on Github:
    again. go to the homepage and follow the link
    in ...next steps


    I did not reinvent the wheel but rely on the brilliant and proven standards out there
    so PoW (and you) will need:

    webob (pip or easy_install)
    Mako (pip or easy_install)
    Beaker (pip or easy_install)
    SQLAlchemy (pip or easy_install)
    nose (pip or easy_install)

    So, that's all folks

    I am really appreciating any feedback.

    best regards,
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