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    Question Help with dictionaries and lists!

    Hello! This is my third week in Python and my knowledge is still close to 0! Not to mention, I get confused with C so, so much!

    I need some help with the following task:

    Write a function readEntry that takes a string of the form NAME:AGE and returns a dictionary of
    the form "name":NAME, "age": AGE where NAME is a string and AGE is an integer.

    So far I got this:

    def readEntry(s): 
                   info = {}  
                   info["name"] = name 
                   info ["age"] = age  
                   return info  
             if s <= ':':   
                  return str(name) 
             else s => ':':   
                  return int(age);
    I was actually going to go for a 'for ' loop but thanks to my confusing instructor I'm stuck with using an unfamiliar function 's.split' so...
    I'm stuck!

    And wait! It has a continuation!

    Write a function readEntryList that takes a string (a file name), reads that fi le, and interprets
    every line in the fi le as a age entries (by calling readEntry). The function should return a list of
    entries in the same order as in the fi le.
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    Ease up, you'll get it. python's not so hard. I've stuck in a useful debugging statement to help you understand. Object data type is quite important---display it. Also, the documentation is extensive. You can command, to the python interpreter,

    >>> help(list) # for example
    >>> dir(some_object) # to find its methods.
    def readEntry(s): 
        fields = s.split(':')
        print('debug>',type(fields),'fields holds:',fields)
        info = {}  
        info["name"] = fields[0]
        info["age"] = int(fields[1])
        return info
    def readEntryList(filename):
        with open(filename,'r') as input_stream:
            result = [readEntry(line) for line in input_stream]
        return result
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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