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    Question Problem working with bitmasks


    I have some binary data and I want to see if a certain bit is set and then take action.
    I have something like this:
    		for i in xrange(0, length):
    			corr = fh.read(1)
    			mac = fh.read(6)[-3:]
    			print hexlify(corr) +  " - " + hexlify(mac)
    			if (int(hexlify(corr),16))&0x01:
    				print "DELETE NODE " + hexlify(mac)
    				#print delete_node(mac)
    			if (int(hexlify(corr),16))&0x02:
    				print "NEW INFO " + hexlify(mac)
    				#print new_info(mac)
    			if (int(hexlify(corr),16))&0x04:
    				print "NEW MAC "+ hexlify(mac)
    				#print new_mac(mac)
    			if (int(hexlify(corr),16))&0x08:
    				print "NEW FW " + hexlify(mac)
    And I really don't like how I first convert the number into a string with hexlify and then convert it back into an int base 16 just to apply the bitmask and it doesn't seem to work when corr = 0x10 anyways. How can I improve this and make it work?
    Oh and fh is a StringIO object.

    Thank you!
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    hexlify is somewhere in here

    Is int(hexlify(corr),16) not identical to corr ?
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