I'm a student at Otago university and am currently working on a project requiring a live data feed from a weight recording machine through the serial port. I have read this tutorial [1] and downloaded the plotting_data_monitor.zip that has been so generously provided. As I am a very new beginner to the python programming language, I was wondering if anyone could help me work through some problems I'm having.


I have downloaded and installed python 2.7 and pySerial also. I then installed on top of that a 32-bit windows binary installer for PyQtX package from this website [2] .

I have also read that I may require SIP for PyQwt, and am having trouble installing that. I copied the SIP files to data-packages in the python directory and ran the configure.py. However after reading the installation tutorial [3]. I am unsure as to how to 'Build"/'Make" and install this module as the tutorial is directed at a Linux command prompt. Also I've downloaded PyQwt and am waiting on the installation of SIP to install it [4].

I am also wondering if I need to download Qt as well as the installation guide for PyQwt says it is a recommended requisite for PyQwt [5].

Furthermore, if I do resolve these problems I will attempt to use the comocom simulation script on the tutorial [1] to test the live data monitor on my machine.
How do I execute the live data stream from the live data monitor scripts?

Thank you very much for your time


I can't reference the pages because I'm a new user. But they are:
[1] - Eli Bendersky's tutorial for live data monitor
[2] - Riverbank computing PyQt download
[3] - Riverbank SIP 4.14.1 installation guide
[4] - PyQwt at sourceforge
[5] - PyQwt v5.2 installation guide