I am trying to print a file over smb in python. I have used the module pysmb.
This is the code:
import smb,nmb
from smb import SMBConnection
server_name = ‘server1’ //remote server name
server_ip = '10.210.x.x ' //remote server ip
server_port = '445'
client_name =‘server2’ //client from where I am running my program
user = 'user' //username of my client
password = 'pwd' //password of my client
conn = SMBConnection.SMBConnection(user,password,client_name,server_name,use_ntlm_v2=True)
conn.connect(server_ip,445) //fails when server is windows & passes when server is linux

What is the command to send a file to remote server?
Please help.
Thanks in advance