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    Im a noob at python, just got to recursion cannot figure this out

    Rewrite the following function as a recursive function, keeping the same name and number of parameters:

    VOWELS = "aeiou"

    def vowel_count( s ):
    count = 0

    for c in s:
    if c.lower() in VOWELS:
    count = count + 1

    return count
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    1) `in' is mathematically a set operation, and the search time is O(log(len(set))) instead of O(len(set))

    2) Often you can replace `if' condition with arithmetic expression given that True is 1 and False is 0. See the very last line of my post 6.

    3) About the recursion: Recursive functions need a way to stop. In this case if the length is 0 vc returns 0 which begins popping the stack.

    4) If there is remaining length of the argument a call to vc processes one character and calls itself with a shortened string.

    5) vc returns 1 or 0 + the vowel count of the remainder of the string.
    VOWELS = set("aeiou")
    def vowel_count(s):               # non-recursive version
        return sum(c in VOWELS for c in s.lower())
    def vc(s):   # recursive
        if len(s):
            return (s[0].lower() in VOWELS) + vc(s[1:])
        return 0
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