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    Need help renaming files based on their file path then moving file to a new folder

    So I am trying to rename files based on the treepath it is in, then move the renamed files to a specific folder (based on its name).

    So, for example, I have a file in path L:\a\b\c\d\e\f\file.pdf
    I want to rename "file.pdf" to "d e f"

    Also, all the subfolders branch off at c so I want python to scan all the documents in the subfolders contained in folder c to be renamed according to the aforementioned pattern. I.e., L:\a\b\c\x\y\z\file.pdf, file.pdf renamed to "x y z"; L:\a\b\c\q\r\s\file.pdf, file.pdf renamed to "q r s"; etc.

    Then, I want to move all those files to a new, already existing folder, based on their names. So say for example for file "d e f" I would want to move to L:a\b\1\d\f\e.

    I am quite new at coding at Python and I have a few pieces of the puzzle kind of worked out but I am having a lot of trouble. Here is some of my code but I don't think it will prove very useful.

    For this code, I have to drop the file into CMD with the .py file. It spits out the name I want (but with extra spaces that I don't want), it doesn't actually rename the file, and is done only with the specific file I dropped into CMD when I would rather have the code look through all of the subfolders and do it automatically. Please note that my code (specifically, lines 6-7) is specific to how the folder I want is actually named, I obfuscated the name of the tree path for confidentiality reasons and it just makes it easier to understand.

    from sys import argv
    script, filename = argv
    txt = open(filename)
    print "Here's your file %r:" % filename
    string = "%r" % filename
    print string [94:-17]
    line = string [94:-17]
    line = "%r" % line
    for char in '\\':
    line = line.replace (char, ' ')
    print line

    Doing some homework, this code will search and rename all the files in the directory I want, however it does not name it the way that I want. Again, this isn't really helpful but it is what I have.

    import glob, os

    def rename(dir, pattern, titlePattern):
    for pathAndFilename in glob.iglob(os.path.join(dir, pattern)):
    title, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(pathAndFilename))
    os.path.join(dir, titlePattern % title + ext))
    rename(r'L:\a\b\c\', r'*.pdf', r'new(%s)'

    And then for actually moving the files, I don't have any code made yet - I am pretty lost. I understand that this is a lot of work, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out.
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    DOS has a move command. You should be able to put the files in a new directory and change the name at the same time. Drop, spit, extra space. Sorry, your post makes my head sore.
        Command line to run doctest:
        This file is named q.py
        $ python -m doctest q.py
        have 'L:\a\b\c\d\e\f\file.pdf'
        want 'L:\a\b\c\d e f'
         do you really mean to lose the file extension information?
    import os
    def change(s,brk,sep=os.path.sep,replacement=' '):
            >>> r'L:\a\b\c\d e f' == change(r'L:\a\b\c\d\e\f\file.pdf','c','\\')
        fields = s.split(sep)
        assert brk in fields
        i = fields.index(brk)+1
        return sep.join(fields[:i]+[replacement.join(fields[i:-1])])
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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