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    Python Vs Java,NLP,Netbeans,Crawler Agent

    Can netbeans support python?

    I am a java programmer with 7 years of experiences,how difficult is it to learn python,what are some of the resources support this?

    natural language toolkit how can I install this package into netbeans,how can I actually install this,because I am running windows

    What are some of the packages that supports the uses of crawler agent for the world wide web?

    Below is the quote of my project,any related news and links are appreciated?

    crawl hungrygowhere, openrice, tripadvisor, yelp for restaurant reviews run NLTK POS tagging based on POS tags, extract the subject/nouns of each review sentence to identify what people are talking about classify the sentiments of the sentence, using adjectives/adverbs/verbs in the nouns you are expected to label 1000 review sentence manually label the sentiments tag the feature then run your classifier on the 1000 review sentences in a 10-fold cross validation set-up
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    I have may an answer for the first two questions:

    Originally Posted by alvin567
    Can netbeans support python?

    Originally Posted by alvin567
    how difficult is it to learn python,what are some of the resources support this?
    Normally you shouldn't have difficulty if you start learning by using appropriate resources. Just as an example (among many others) I started learning by reading this book:


    Then I read the online python tutorial


    After this normally you will have the basics, after that all depends on which modules you're going to work (Python includes a huge amount of modules) in your project. Based on that you will need to read the corresponding module documentation. As a result I don't see any difficulty, it's just a matter of time and method.
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    You can also go with Jython, this way you can use all the Java libraries that you are familiar with. With Jython you can get familiar with the Python syntax.

    Here is a simple example code of Jython ...
    """ jy_List_test2.py
    a simple demonstration of populating a swing JList widget
    with a Python list object
    get the free Jython installer
    to install Jython on Windows double-click the .jar installer
    this creates a folder jython2.7a2
    to run on Windows you can use (Jython.bat is in the above folder):
    Jython.bat jy_List_test2.py
    # pawt will find module swing on your computer
    from pawt import swing
    # create a Python list object of names
    text = 'Fred Ann Bob Joe Moe Zack Paul Egon Helga Jean Roger Beth'
    mylist = text.split()
    # populate the Java list widget with the Python list object
    jlist = swing.JList(mylist)
    # adds scrolling to the Java list
    swing_list = swing.JScrollPane(jlist)
    # a simple way to show/test the list widget
    swing.test(swing_list, size=(180, 200))
    Since Jython27 uses Python27 syntax, I would recommend the "Dive into Python" free book at:

    There used to be Jython support on NetBeans (somewhat older version). I simply use a general Editor like ConTEXT to run Python and Jython code from.
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    Does the version of python matters?

    What is the best editor for python for my windows environment?

    How is java compared to python?

    How do i install external package Natural Language Toolkit in Python?

    Where can I find a crawler in python?

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