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    Guide/suggestion of advanced or easily missed python concepts

    I'm a java programmer who will soon be doing python development in addition to java. I'm confident I can pick up new syntax and basic python capabilities without a problem, I've picked up the basics of new languages plenty of times. However, I want to excel at what I'm doing, and that means knowing more then how to create basic for loops and if statements. I want to ensure I know all the features of a language so I don't one day miss an easy solution to a problem because I was unaware of a language feature.

    I'm looking for an online resource (I have no interest in buying any book) which will cover *only* the more advanced features; but not waste too much time trying to teach me basic programing concepts like for loops and if statements that I'm more then confident I can do. I only want to know about any cool feature that a competent programmer who picks up a language and starts programing and looking up syntax only as necessary could theoretically 'miss' and be unaware that he never learned it. By that definition reflection or interfaces may not count as advanced, because they are things I would eventually think "this feature would be handy here" and look up how to do when the time came up. What would I not think of looking up but should know to be a great python developer?

    I would love links to resources, or just a list of cool features that are easily missed that I may want to research on my own.

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    Read the peps (link here). Start with 3000.
    [code]Code tags[/code] are essential for python code and Makefiles!

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